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Key Features

Real Followers

You'll only get real followers with Trendsta. Real people that will engage and actually boost your community.

Fast results

After signing up, most of our clients start seeing results within the first 24 hours!

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Our clients have consistently been ecstatic with the results they've seen from Trendsta.

Safe & Secure

Trendsta is safe to use and all information handled by us is kept secured and encrypted.

Getting real followers on TikTok is easy and fast with Trendsta

You can sign up and start growing within 24 hours. Set up filters and customize your settings in our dashboard to get the types of followers you want for your page.

Over 81% of influencers say they've used a growth service.

At one point or another, everybody needs a little help boosting their follower base, even the now huge influencers. Get the kickstart your page needs.

How it all works

The whole sign up process is easy and takes only 3 minutes (yes, we timed ourselves).

You'll be getting new TikTok followers in no time!

First, you sign up.


Sign up

You'll create an account, choose a  plan, and then checkout.


Get Connected

Connecting your account with us is easy and you'll be guided through the process.


Gain Access

You'll then get access to your new dashboard where you can start the growth of your account!

Starting your growth


Choose Targets

To get the type of followers that you want for your specific page, you'll be able to choose "target" accounts that have a follower base you'd like to mimic.


We Interact

We then get your preferred audiences' attention by following and liking their content. A high % will convert to new followers.


Track Results

You can use your new dashboard to start tracking and customizing your results. You'll get access to growth reports and more.

Get a Growth Estimate

Every one of our clients grow at a different pace, however, you'll get a 30 day growth estimate in your dashboard after signing up.

Kassidy Allin

I've watched my account grow so much the past month. Gives you real followers and interactions on your page. I definitely recommend if you're looking to grow your account

5,706 Followers Gained
June 9th, 2020
Daniel Palacio

Social flight has been so much help for my account! They will get you real followers that interact with your videos. 10/ 10 recommended to the people that want a kick start to their account!

13,509 Followers Gained
June 1st, 2020
Quin White

I've Been Using Trendsta For about 2.5 months now & the results I have received is amazing!!! It's so awesome to be able to just post content & have them manage my account. If anyone is..."

4,563 Followers Gained
June 23rd, 2020
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Positive reviews from happy clients.

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